09.17.08 Top Five NBA Team Uniforms

Welcome to The Quick Report! Welcome to my weekly top five blog. Last week I threw out my Top Five NBA Team Names, and so in keeping with the window dressing aspect of NBA teams, this week I give you my Top Five NBA Team Uniforms. There are thirty teams in the NBA and countless uniforms there in. Whether it is for home, away or whatever else, the NBA has a lot of uniforms. So, narrowing them down to my five favorites wasn’t easy, but hey, it’s my job. I’m sure I can suffer through it. What do you think?

5. New Orleans Hornets, Green

I know some might think this one looks a little cheesy, but I’ve always really liked it. For starters, green is my favorite color. Plus, I like the fact that it’s different than other NBA teams’ uniforms. With the Sonics now dead, the Hornets will have to carry the green flag. Whenever I’m flipping through the cable channels and I catch one of their games I always am able to identify the uniforms before the players. That doesn’t always happen with some of the generic blue or white jerseys we see on so many NBA teams.

4. New York Knicks, Blue

Well, I’ve kind of painted myself in a corner, haven’t I? I bash blue colored uniforms in the last sentence of the paragraph for the number five selection and then I go and rank a blue colored uniform higher. Well, come on, give me a break. Seriously, when I think of the New York Knicks I think of Patrick Ewing in this very blue jersey. I remember when Kobe Bryant was demanding to be traded and there was all of this speculation on where he might go. When the Mavericks were apparently in the hunt I remember I told a friend that I didn’t think Kobe would look right in a Mavericks uniform. My friend replied “All players look good in a Knicks jersey.”

3. Los Angeles Lakers, Yellow

I was torn on which Lakers jersey to put on the list. The purple one is really cool, but I think I like the white jersey the best. If I were a big Laker fan though, I’d have to buy the yellow one. The yellow Laker jersey is the Lakers. Whenever I think of Wilt, Kareem, Worthy, Magic, Shaq or Kobe I see them in a yellow Lakers jersey. It’s like I said about the Knicks, this jersey is a big part of the identity of one of the great sports franchises. More importantly, this jersey is a big part of the NBA’s identity. I think this deserves mention.

2. Boston Celtics, Green

Should I just copy and paste the last paragraph, substituting the Lakers with the Celtics? The Boston Celtics is the greatest NBA franchise in the history of the league. They may have the white jerseys that has just as many legendary moments soaked into them, but I like the green jerseys. When I think of the “Boston Celtics” I think of green. It’s the color association that I think most of us would probably use. Like the yellow for the Lakers, I always think of the great Celtic players in the green jerseys. The white ones are also awesome, but I don’t want to clog up a top five blog with two selections from the same team.

1. Chicago Bulls, Black

I bet this is the one you’ll laugh at most, right? I know the Bulls are most remembered as playing in the red and white jerseys, but I always like the black ones. Considering that black is such a popular color(I know it’s not a color!) for everyday people, it’s funny how few historically good NBA teams use the color. The Bulls only kind of use the color, primarily sticking to the aforementioned red and white colors. I like the black one! I just think it looks cool. Besides, isn’t that kind of the idea of having designed uniforms?

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  1. Yea!!! Joakim Noah Jersey

  2. Did you forget about the Celtics alternative uniforms with the black and green together?

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